The Beast Apps is a Financial Technology leader whose customers include large financial institutions to entrepreneurial firms.

We work with our clients help build, expand, integrate and migrate their Pre-Trade, Trade and Post-Trade systems, in their data center and/or a cloud.

The Beast Apps evolved from a global Inter Broker-Dealer with offices in New York, London, Singapore and joint venture in Tokyo. Every major global financial institution traded electronically on The Beast® Platform.

The Beast Apps boasts of a strong financial and technology savvy development team, an experienced management team and the board. The team knows and understands the working of the financial industry and various products through their decades of experience of trading, brokering, management and technology.

The Beast® is a latest, state of the art, scalable, extensible, robust and mature framework with the performance to deliver your data, analytics, trading, post trade or regulatory compliance applications.

Build IT

Use our packaged products, Minotaur and MantiCORE or use The Beast® framework itself to build and deliver your pre-trade, trade or post-trade application for any product of any asset class, in weeks and months, in your data center or a cloud.

Migrate IT

Use The Beast® framework to deploy your pre-trade, trade, post-trade solution in your datacenter or private/public/hybrid cloud. We can migrate your applications to the cloud, be it new services, a part of solution or the “lift and shift” of the entire system.

Extend IT

Use The Beast® framework and its powerful portability layer to extend your solution and services, be it enhancing your services, add functionality, add additional products and services, or make it available via desktop, browser, mobile devices or Excel.

Integrate IT

Use Minotaur, MantiCORE or The Beast® framework to integrate various existing components, systems or services you own or want to build or buy. Create coherent workflow solution and a state of the art frontend to new requirements, whether regulatory or client driven.




  • Scalable

  • Extensible


Beast Advantage

MODERN and PROVEN TECH: The Beast® technology is modern utilizing the latest in the advances of technology and methodologies, with a perfect balance of proven maturity with years of deployed solutions in the financial industry.

SPEED-to-MARKET: Our five essential services (Security, Deployment, Performance, Collaboration, and Business Intelligence) support delivery of your application with a proven, scalable, high performance and resilient architecture.

DOMAIN EXPERTISE: Our Technical Team and Management have practical domain knowledge in all aspects for Pre-Trade, Trade and Post-Trade processes in a variety of products across all asset classes for global markets.

SCALE and FLEXIBILITY: The Beast architecture is designed to be highly scalable, reliable and flexible to easily incorporate your product innovations and workflow.

The Beast Apps provides complete and comprehensive solutions to build, deploy, host, maintain and support your internal and/or client applications, today’s and tomorrow’s products both. These essential ingredients insure a timely and high quality product offering by your company, now and in the future.