BeastExcel- Data, Analytics Trading in Excel

BeastExcel is an innovative technology that allows an institution to make their data, analytics, access to trading, risk/valuation services available to its customers quickly, effectively and efficiently. BeastExcel also helps institutions implement various workflow based solutions, right from Excel, easily and quickly. The solution does not require any desktop software to be installed to work with Excel, neither does it use RTD/DDE technology for communication. Instead BeastExcel is a cloud based, sand boxed, light weight, thin client, and highly efficient plugin that is compatible with Microsoft Office 2010 or later and includes support for Office 365 Live (Desktop or Cloud based). BeastExcel utilizes state of the art, cloud based Application Distribution Architecture, The Beast, for delivering highly cpu and memory optimized solutions.

Several financial institutions currently use BeastExcel technology to deliver access to their markets (data, analytics and trading) from Excel efficiently. Many others are exploring BeastExcel for various other workflow based solutions.

Please see multiple solutions implemented using BeastExcel, as follows.

1. Fixed Income Trading

- Get Top of the Book

- Get Depth of the Book

- Get Prices for Your Interests

- Click And Trade, RFQ

- Hit/Lift Trading

- Trade - Sweep

- Market Making – Publish Markets/Quotes, Respond to RFQs

2. Risk Limit Management Workflow

- Capture Limits, Propose Limits, Accept Limits, Export Limits for Processing

- Complete Audit Trail of Risk Limit Management and Negotiations

- Client Interaction through an easy to use Web, Safe, Secure, Permissioned, Audit Trailed

3. Request For Quote (RFQ) Workflow

- Create Requests for quotes

- Receive responses to quotes, organized in proper order, right in Excel spreadsheet

- Quoters can respond to request for quotes from browser or Excel. See which are Open, Closed and Traded. Get trade notifications.

4. Market Data and Analytics - Real Time, Snapshot, Historical

- Request Market Data (Based on Data Dictionary Definition). This shows how to get, for example, 3M Euro Dollar Futures Trading at CME.

- Market Data, in this case, displayed, real time streaming, in Excel spreadsheet

5. Please click on the button below to download BeastExcel.