Collaboration Engine

Collaboration Engine

Various stakeholders for decision making these days are globally dispersed at times. In addition, they use a variety of devices, from desktops to phones or tablets, and are at different locations, from office to home to on the go. The primary tools for collaboration among people are phones (voice and video), email, txt, chat and in some cases screen sharing. All these tools lack collaboration that allow you to manipulate information simultaneously and interactively, with a full audit trail as to who made what change and when for a transactional and decision based workflow solution.

Not anymore.

The Beast Apps innovative collaboration technology allows multiple people to interact with each other irrespective of what part of the world they are in or are using what device. This is how it works.

Start Application

A permissioned user logs in to The Beast® technology based system and starts a pre-trade, trade or post-trade application for any product, any currency, or any asset class that one has access to.


An invite one or more people to collaborate by either using their emails or phone numbers, or selecting names from a provided list.


Each invited person receives a notification. When they click on the notification (email, txt etc), they see the same application on their device.


Any one now can make any change and all connected to the application see all the changes made, in real time, irrespective of their physical location or the device they are using, all in real time.

Audit Trail

Every change made of each user is captured in real time and the audit trail is available in real time for all to see.


This is a compliance driven collaboration that can result in a transaction through actions such as Ok/Cancel, Accept/Reject etc.


The collaboration is permissioned based where the initiator can give only view or a view and modify permissions to any participant. The initiator also has the ability to end collaboration anytime one wishes, or leave it open for others to continue collaboration.


The Beast App’s ExcelShare technology allows one to share information in Excel with others in real time, same as any application as above.

The Beast Apps clients have built some innovative workflow based collaboration solution using its collaboration technology. Please contact or call +1-646-688-7500 for a demo or discuss your collaboration needs.