MantiCORE – Trading Solution

MantiCORE – Trading Solution

Suite of core trading services that can be used to build or enhance CLOB, RFQ/RFS, MiD-Match, and/or Auction based platforms. Complete Pre & Post Trade workflow which includes features like Analytics, Contingent Orders, Credit Filters, Post Trade Allocations and Processing.

  • Market Data
  • Analytics
  • Trading
  • Reporting
  • Post - Trade


  • Connectivity
  • Market Data Vendors, ECNs, IDBs, Exchanges, Clearing Firms, Banks, Trade Affirmation/Confirmation Platforms, Trade Reporting Engines
  • Cross Asset Class
  • Comprehensive Order/Inquiry, Trade Capture and Trade Processing System for over 100 products across Multiple Asset Classes - Fixed Income, Credit, Interest Rate, Inflation, Energy, FX, etc
  • Trading Workflow
  • Several Hundred Market Calibrated Analytics, Integrates with Third Party Analytics Systems
  • Extensible
  • Standards based extensible platform

Our Core Strengths

  • Comprehensive, global, asset class neutral Framework.
  • Solutions for financial firms involved in Market Data, Analytics Trading, Reporting and Post Trading Services
  • The Beast® is current and relevant
  • Versatile Framework Integration Layer
  • Deployed in both Private Data Center(s) and Virtual Private Cloud(s)

Technology & Team - Combination for success: