Increase your velocity of innovation with our framework components

The Beast Apps delivers innovative software solutions to well established exchanges, inter dealer brokers, electronic communications networks (“ECNs”), Automated Trading Systems (ATSs), market data, analytics and other financial services providers

  • Minotaur – MiFID II Solution

    Asset Class Neutral MiFID II compliant end-to-end Client-Sales-Trader Workflow. The Beast® generic integration layer allows Banks to use their existing infrastructure and add components to create their MiFID II solution.

  • MantiCORE – Trading Solution

    Suite of core trading services that can be used to build or enhance CLOB, RFQ/RFS, MiD-Match, and/or Auction based platforms. Complete Pre & Post Trade workflow which includes features like Analytics, Contingent Orders, Credit Filters, Post Trade Allocations and Processing.


    BeastExcel is an innovative technology that allows an institution to make their data, analytics, access to trading, risk/valuation services available to its customers quickly, effectively and efficiently. BeastExcel also helps institutions implement various workflow based solutions, right from Excel, easily and quickly.

  • Application Distribution, as a Service

    The Beast’s public/private/hybrid cloud based ADaaS allow clients to offer their own data and content through a customized App Store platform, including billing and credit card/ACH payment processing.

  • Beast SDK

    A state-of-the-art software development kit that allows clients to build, test and deploy applications in the cloud within hours and days.

  • Collaboration Engine

    This tool allows multiple people to collaborate in real time for any data, analytics or trading application from anywhere, using any device, secure, with collaboration fully audit trailed and resulting in transactions, if needed.