Every business that builds and deploys software applications or services has a “Secret Sauce”. The technology challenge is to build and deliver your unique products and services. The effort of building and delivering is generally acknowledged to be broken down as follows:

  1. Building Challenges – 5% to 20% of the technology resources
    • Unique business logic, process and client requirements
  2. Delivery Challenges – 80% to 95% of the technology resources
    • Distribution - Real Time, On Demand, Streaming, Interactive
    • Ubiquitous Deployment - Desktop, Browsers (IE, Chrome), Mobile Devices (Apple, Android, Microsoft)
    • Ease of Workflow Integration for Users
    • Collaboration Apps
    • Security, Permissioning, Audit Trail
    • Billing and Payment Processing
    • Delivering Upgrades and Enhancements
    • Hosting (Internal Servers and/or Cloud), Operations, Support
    • Marketing and Sales Tools/Business Intelligence

By using The Beast ADaaS to meet the delivery challenges, businesses can focus on building their Secret Sauce and marketing. The ADaaS model changes the dynamics of resource allocation to focus 80% on building and 20% on delivering, maximizing the leverage to a business of their technology resources.

The BeastSDK, The Beast Apps Framework, and Cloud implementation allows for seamless integration and timely delivery of your applications.

BeastSDK in the cloud allows distribution of cloud based business applications with the same ease and speed that one can build and deploy a static website today or deploy an app in Google/Apple app stores.



Cloud Architecture

The Beast Apps is a member of Amazon AWS’s Advanced Partner Network (APN) focussed on helping improve Software-as-a-Service business model.

Key Partners

The Beast Framework has several strategic partnerships with several key industry leaders in the areas of cloud, data, analytics, trading and security for an effective app distribution services. Some key partnerships include:

Beast SDK

The BeastSDK (Software Development Kit) can be used for a variety of applications, ranging from proprietary applications for internal use to product offering for commercial distribution.

Ideal for the programming community to build-test-deploy apps in day not weeks or months.

Pay-as-you-go model for low/cost and low/risk.

The Beast Apps manages your hosting, permission, security and billing requirements as needed.

Our well documented SDK is available for download


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Idea factory

Firms looking to offer their own data and content via an App Store rely on The Beast Apps ADaaS and Cloud storage. This cost effective approach benefits firms, their permissioned clients, and the programming community. The benefits derived include brand enhancement, commercial value, and business intelligence.
Firms looking to offer a differentiated business model to selling, data, services and application on what a client uses, how much, how often, how, when and from where find The Beast Apps entitlement and permissioning technology very powerful.
ICAP Information Services (IIS) and CME Group, have partnered with The Beast Apps to create and deliver, a real-time market data and analytics tool designed to provide market participants with the capability to analyze relative value between the over-the-counter (OTC) and exchange-based futures markets.
Trading firms are using The Beast Apps to build, host, manage and maintain their entire ECN trading platform for trading corporate bonds in the Cloud. The Beast framework is designed to be an asset neutral platform with modular components that include matching engines, analytics, pre-and-post trade processing, and secure permission-based delivery applications.
Several Corporate Bond ECNs are leveraging The Beast Apps Cloud enabled Excel integration solution. The real-time Excel adapter allows their clients to view market levels, depth of markets, market-making and click-to-trade directly from Excel using the protocols designated by the ECN. Also available for data and analytics.
Ideal for RFQ and/or RFS or just to be on-the-same page, unique real-time collaboration tools provided by The Beast Apps allow any user to share any application with any or all other users for a pre-determined time. Multiple users can share and edit an application in real-time, supported with a complete audit trail.
Several well established financial firms are using The BeastSDK to build-test-deploy their own applications in the Cloud. These range from proprietary applications for internal use to product offerings for commercial distribution.
Regardless of source, The Beast Apps normalizes and aggregates data for a variety of purposes including routing and information management. In addition, cost effective storage and retrieval is available for historical reference.
Trading firms are using The Beast Apps to build, host, manage and maintain the liquidity feeds coming from exchanges and ECNs. Client proprietary logic for smart order routing is applied for efficient order management and execution.