Minotaur, A MiFID II Compliant Integration System

The Beast Apps Minotaur is a MiFID II Compliant Component Integration System that helps banks build, integrate and deploy an asset class neutral MiFID II compliant client-sales-trader workflow system.

The deadline for MiFID II compliance for the industry is January 2018. Most banks have some components built, some need to be modified and some need to be built from scratch or bought. One of the key challenges for banks is how to integrate all these systems and create a complete asset class neutral MiFID II compliant client-sales-trader workflow system. MiFID II covers all asset classes. The regulation is forcing in a workflow change as well. Sales and trader need to become more efficient in providing quotes, pricing and execution. Additional challenge is that whatever this system is, it needs to be highly extensible to accommodate future products and workflows that bank may need to support.

The Beast Apps MiFID II compliance solution offers three main components:

Client-Sales-Trader Workflow

The Beast Apps MiFID II offering includes a complete Asset Class Neutral MiFID II Compliant Client-Sales-Trader Workflow implementation.

Component Integration

Banks can utilize their existing infrastructure and/or components they are building and utilize The Beast Apps genetic integration layer to create a complete MiFID II solution.

Asset Class Neutral Data Model

The Beast Apps can provide MiFID II components that banks need, including data models for over 100+ products across multiple asset classes.

Minotaur’s versatile portability layer eases pain in bringing various components together quickly, it's asset class neutral data model means all products can become MiFID II compliant and it's rich UI layer allows one to create a complete client-sales-trader workflow solution ready much before the deadline, January 2018.

Beast Technology Rated Near Perfect

While evaluating the MiFID II technology needs, some of our banking clients asked us to get a third party, The Disruption House, UK, to create a fintech scorecard for The Beast Apps technology, management and the company that they could use for internal evaluation and vetting. The review process included in-depth questionnaire, technology demonstration, documentation and multiple interviews by their team of experts, each one concentrating on different areas of evaluation.

"TBA scores high on all counts and presents an overall picture of a firm with its finger on the pulse of modern business priorities and techniques, sufficiently in advance of its clients to be a beacon for them in cost cutting for applications that promise new revenue sources." - THE DISRUPTION HOUSE

A MiFID II Compliant Client-Sales-Trader RFQ Workflow

The Beast Apps Minotaur offers a complete asset class neutral MiFID II compliant client-sales-trader workflow system. The RFQ workflow shows:

  • Client Initiates an RFQ
  • Transparency Rule Validation by STW Manager
  • Sales processes the RFQ and sends to a Trader
  • Accept/Reject Quote by trader
  • Negotiation on price between Trader and Sales
  • Release quote by adding MarkUp by Sales, Reporting
  • Order Initiation By Client, Order Creation by Sales
  • Order accept/reject and negotiation between Sales and Trader
  • Route order or match internally
  • Trade release, Reporting

RFQ Workflow built for

  • Single name CDS
  • Corporate Bonds
  • Interest Rate Swaps/Options
  • FX

Value Proposition

  • Several Components Already Built
  • Deploy your MiFID II System Before the Deadline
  • FinTech Experienced Tech & Management Team
  • Enhanced Workflow and Collaboration tool will make banks more efficient
  • Extensible, Robust, Reliable, Global Asset Class Neutral
  • Business Intelligence Tools Built-in
  • Cloud Experts, Advanced Partners with Amazon, Microsoft

Some screenshots of the system are as follows:

Client View

Sales View

Trader View

Audit Trail Client

Audit Trail Sales

Please call us today at +1-646-688-7500 or email at info@thebeastapps.com to see the demo of a working system.